Why Team Building?

Learn the art of verbal and non verbal communication

Explosive, fun, colourful and exciting activities, our programs will leave you moving, grooving and inspired.

Taking people from all walks of life on a journey away from their everyday routines habits and provide a fresh new outlook and inspiring innovation..

Allows people to play, open up to their own inner expression, self awareness to help individuals and groups to:


  • develop trust, support and interdependence

  • fun outlet in developing team building and effective communication

  • stimulate creative solutions in response to multiple demands, risks and rapid change

  • builds confidence in relationship building and group bonding

  • engage team spirit, equality & team collaboration

  • fun stress management activity stimulating body circulation, body awareness, hence focus & clarity of thought

  • provides alternative thinking to problem solving explore emotional and attitudinal ‘comfort zone’ to expand the potential of the individual and the team

  • develop confidence in risk taking.

Be challenging both physically and mentally, as you engage in problem solving, conflict resolution or are met with a personal challenge, utilizing a creative outlet.

Ice breakers can also be used as part of your team building activities. Where people are kept energised and focused by planning regular mind breaks to stimulate productivity and contribution.


Team Building with EPR Productions



Team Building with Dance!

It is not just a Dance class!

Its a fun, creative, nurturing & colourful activity aimed to let go of the expectations and pressures in the working environment and explore a fun way of developing awareness and recognition of the many benefits of Dance.

Time to have FUN and PLAY, Free of expectations while learning and appreciating new skills without even realising its happening!

The health of a well organized and well functioning Business are its people!

EPR productions provides a unique creative program that will support and encourage the following amongst the individuals & groups:

  • Collaboration amongst fellow colleagues in an environment supporting positive teamwork

  • Acknowledging their piers strength and weaknesses and through motivation, adaptation & shared responsibility – finding resolutions to support each other through positive encouragement

  • Acceptance and have an appreciation and understanding through listening and communicating with focus and clarity

  • Explore the realm of negotiation, discipline & leadership

  • Learn & experience a creative alternative in persevering outside “comfort zones”, enhancing self-esteem, confidence, trust and staff morale

  • Prioritizing and observing behaviors such as anticipation, prediction & self sabotage

  • Accommodate spatial and social awareness via Non-verbal Communication, a universal language that is very much under rated and under utilised!

Your personality can be seen in the way you move as an individual, in unison, in a group

We are allowed to explore the feeling of freedom, it’s in this form do we see our real potential…allow just to be, no expectation, no judgement, no right or wrong
…a wonderful feeling to experience as an individual and in group dynamics for your own self development and awareness!


When to use

  • conferences

  • Increase brain storming

  • management training programs

  • leadership courses

  • Christmas parties, or any work party with a difference

  • special events

  • training programs

  • seminars

  • ‘de-stress’ outlet or just for fun

  • off site

  • team meetings

  • product launches

  • start or end of the day or event

  • after lunch and or breaks

  • special openings or closures

  • presentations

  • luncheons