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The following options can be utilised by selecting your choice of Dance styles or combination of Dance Styles as listed here or let us guide you with various options to maximise your goal for your event!


Learn the art of non verbal communications, where physical movement is your only source of communication. A fun way of understanding the strengths and weaknesses of communications styles of the group and the individual.

Purpose: A fun mind break, incorporating body movement and creative expression, releasing tension and invigorating the mind for the task ahead

What’s involved: A fun group workshop, learning the skill of interpreting body language and enhancing presentation skills.

Examples: Before or start of an event; after a morning; lunch; afternoon break.

Duration: Can be adapted to meet your function needs, normally between 15mins to 1 hour.


Have everyone up and about – each session will represent a different rhythm from a different continent which will get you moving and grooving, stimulating awareness and releasing tension.

Purpose: A quick uplifting energising exercise offering regular ‘mind breaks’ to unwind, utilizing body movements to captivating rhythms, stimulating productivity and contribution.

What’s involved: A fun group dance class where there is no need for delegates to leave their seats, from here rhythmic movements is utilised using body movement and body percussion to fun music.

Examples: ‘Wake up call’, or anytime throughout the day.

Duration: Can be adapted to meet your function needs, normally from 5 mins.


A perfect package which is quick, fun and effective. Snap them into a rhythmic motion, moving to fun rhythms and dance steps to stimulate all their internal senses ready for the day ahead.

Purpose: A quick uplifting energising exercise to engage self awareness and effective communication.

What’s involved: A fun group dance class such as Hot Salsa, Dirty Dancing Mambo, Intense Tango, Cheeky Cha Cha, Fun Merengue, etc. (see Options for more activities).

Examples: After lunch.

Duration: Can be adapted to meet your function needs, normally from 20 mins.

“Ritmo Latino”

A great package allowing patrons to unwind and journey through physical movement of inner expression, ‘letting go’ into their own personal space with captivating melodies and rhythms away from the rational captive world.


Purpose: A refreshing way in developing shared success, unifying a team with a creative mission, working towards revitalizing their inner strengths, connecting them to their creative awareness through dance.

What’s involved: A fun and at times hilarious visual entertainment that get people onto the dance floor being creative in their own way and loving it. A fun dance class and routine is created with a touch of personal flair created by the dance couple or group, a great avenue in exercising imaginative resources.

Examples: In the afternoon to revitalize and energise your mind and body, or as a presentation at the finale dinner.

Duration: Can be adapted to meet your function needs, normally from 1 hour to full days as required.



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