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Emilio has spent much of his life on stage performing as a Solo Performer to Choreographing Interactive Theatre Productions.

Emilio has studied Voice at Victoria Music Theatre, Drama at the Victorian College of the Arts. Emilio to this day is wowing audiences with his passionate connection and energy with dance, which has led him in taking out a Latin America Salsa Title.

Amongst all this Emilio has a Masters Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and has studied Human Psychotherapy. Hence has a strong understanding of the importance and benefits of delivering clear and effective communication skills.

With his humorous twist, ease in executing lines and ability to adapt to target audiences….has kept Emilio a highly regarded & successful all round Entertainer in the Entertainment and Corporate Industry for well over 15 years.

Emilio Ela Rose

Emilio has been a regular guest as an entertainer & presenter at various events including AFL footy show grand final edition, “Latin Fever” Crown Casino Melbourne, International Melbourne Latin festival, Spanish festivals, Multicultural events, Sydney salsa palladium showcase, Channel 31 Fusion Latina lifestyle program – offering Dance Tuition to viewers Australia wide

Emilio’s experience extends from an extensive academic path, corporate career and a creative journey which added to life changing moments


Below Emilio has shared some of the moments experienced and integrates these experiences through his passion of Dance to share with others through EPR Dance & Teambuilding

Emilio started as a percussionist at an early age of 5 years of age.


Since 1999, Emilio has been involved in producing works on Stage/Theatre. Much of Emilio’s Dance and Theatre experience has come while traveling around the world from experiencing the exhilarating Bal du Moulin Rouge in Paris, the fiery Flamenco in Spain, the passionate dance of Tango in Buenos Aires to the most inspirational and energetic life changing moments living and dancing with the street kids of Latin America.


Emilio is a talented performer and one of the quality leading teachers in Latin dance with styles including Tango, Salsa, Dirty Dancing Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, sensual Lambada & Zouk, Bachata, Merengue, Hip hop funk, etc


As a qualified ZUMBA instructor, Emilio’s energy and knowledge of the array of dances makes him a complete ZUMBA entertainer!! From ZUMBA team building events to large scale themed ZUMBA parties.


Emilio has become known for his ability in choreographing and directing emotionally moving Dance and Theatre Productions. Emilio’s diverse level of creativity allows him the ability to create a story that engages viewers from smaller interactive themed opening and closing ceremonial Ice Breaker Entertainment to large scale Themed Entertainment Dance & Theatre Productions.


 Latin American Salsa Title – Emilio Ela Rose

The competitive nature of such an event where numerous competitors strive for the crowning of the elusive title. Surely technique is the key to meet the judges expectations, knowledge and presentation is a must. With such skills ‘under your belt’ it is the delivery, engaging your personality with confidence and jumping outside the ‘comfort zone’  taking a risk, trusting oneself with judgement at hand was the key to victory. Not only did they win the judges over, but the audience were chanting their number all the way to first place!

Fusion Latina Television, Channel 31 Australia wide – Presenter Emilio Ela Rose

Engaging with the audience, clarity, meeting the needs of the viewers, articulation, organization, clear communication and presentation. Just to name a few that made this program a success. With numerous successful seasons presenting dance culture, dance history, dance demonstration and performances, preparation with the target audience in mind was the key. This program went on to win the 2009 Antenna Awards for Outstanding CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) Program.


Latin Fever, Crown Casino Melbourne – Instructor Emilio Ela Rose

Emilio was honoured to be asked by Crown Casino ‘LIVE’ to assist with Latin Fever. Having a passion behind what you do, developing the confidence to negotiate numerous clauses and personalities, giving it your all and believing in what you are delivering. Networking effectively and providing clients with creative solutions to hurdles and obstacles put in front of you, always thinking positive on your feet….all assist in achieving successful results! Overtime you will be known for excellence of delivery of your product!



Throughout his Academic years as a nutrition consultant, Emilio operated his own practice and through this, was able to experience moments that brought back reality of life and the people in it.


(AFL) Collingwood football club – Nutrition Consultant 

The pressure, expectations, competitive nature, decision making and commitment, just to name a few for not just the players, but support crew, medical staff, coaches, volunteers, cheer squad members, etc are continually high – It is certainly important to have a well prepared, organized and supportive crew on an ongoing basis to keep a successful business. As a Nutrition Consultant watching the pressure put on these upcoming players coming through the ranks, established seniour players striving to keep their positions and the support crew in place to help their development was wonderful to be a part of and experience. It is no wonder the Club has experienced the success it has.


Peter Mac Callum Cancer Institute - Nutrition Consultant 

One of the most emotionally challenging times which ended up giving an experience that will only bring perseverance in believing in who you are. The number of patients over the years that would move Emilio with their final words. Its a moment that you do not wish to experience too often, yet sometimes in reality you are faced with decisions that will be final. Emilio was taken back and amazed to witness so many of those on their last days of life, that they would express with such clarity, focus, and determination……..”if i had my time again, I would………”


Eating Disorders Unit
Royal Melbourne Hospital & Bronte Foundation - Nutrition Consultant 

It is a world of disarray for so many experiencing thoughts about self image, judgement, expectations, self sabotage, morale, anticipation, fear, acceptance, communication, negotiation, trust. Working with so many experiencing such thoughts is a journey that requires patience, understanding, guidance, listening, boundaries, negotiation and acceptance to just name a few. A rewarding experience to have worked with such individuals that are able to find their way through the ‘maze’ and watch them develop the skills to be able see them face obstacles and move through them


Sales Representative with one of Australia’s leading Nutritional Companies - Nutrition Consultant 

Meeting a budget, appointments, rewards, incentives, planning, organisation, time management, motivation, knowledge. These maybe skills required to be able to manage the Tasks of such a position. As well as the skills, the health of the individual requires close attention to be able to succeed. Sometimes so much focus is placed on whats put to us to accomplish in a working environment, when we need just as much emphasis placed on ourselves in preparing for such tasks to avoid ‘burn out’. Is time for self nurturing, prioritising time for ourselves, ‘charging the batteries’ an ongoing option for optimal performance? Are we too set in the way we accept and do our daily chores, is there room for negotiation or is this pushing too much outside our ‘comfort zones’ and our own boundaries of normality, expectations, fear and security.