A fun and explosive ZUMBA class….a bit of colour, great music,  great atmosphere & a lot of fun!!


EPR Productions has a latin dance specialist, where various dance styles can be adapted and included into the program, dance styles include: samba, salsa, tango, Merengue, Flamenco, cha cha cha, Bachata, zouk, Lambada, bollywood, hip hop, reggaeton, cumbia and many more!


A new study suggests that dancing may be the best way of keeping fit while having fun. Dancing can allow participants to pack up to 2,000 fun-filled steps into an hour. ‘Learning to dance can be a fun, social, local and friendly way to enjoy low-intensity physical activity and skill learning’.


 Learning basic Latin moves is a fun and energetic experience stimulating circulation, coordination, a great mind break and at the same time developing muscle tone and building endurance!!!


What’s involved:

 Learning Fun Latin Dance steps to rhythmic & captivating tunes.



 Daily or Weekly or Monthly program for your organization as part of a health and fitness for mind, body & soul!



 Can be adapted to meet your function needs, normally from 10, 15, 20 mins, etc to full days as required.


* Registered Zumba instructors.



9am - 5pm




PO Box 211

Fairfield, VIC  3078


T  /  0401 737 748


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