EPR Rocks ST.Vincents with Dance Teambuilding!

“The feedback on their return was of the highest compliments! They obviously had fun, experienced the new, opened themselves to the new and went with it. The rest of the group was also lucky & got a to see a little demo from them during dinner!

Thanks again for your time & professionalism. I will definitely use your services in the future!”  
Filomena, St. Vincents Hospital



Performer / Choreographer

“I have booked Ela Rose for the inaugural launch of La Dolce Italia Festival ..... to do some street dancing in an area where it was required to have some vibrancy and excitement to draw the crowd. They certainly did that with gusto. It was great to see that a large crowd was not only drawn by them, but that they also joined in and danced with them.

Emilio is a tremendously enthusiastic and passionate performer and has a wonderful skill of bringing fun to a festival" Connie Paglianiti, Eventcepts




“…Our members were thrilled to be able to try Zumba and to reflect on their personal fitness goals…..The only complaint being that the participants would have liked to spend longer with you….” Thanks Again Kerry, AEU



Australian Unity

“I did not think there would be a lot of people willing to get up and dance in front of other staff but you managed to get most of them up! It really made our EOFY party something special that people will remember! Thanks again" Anna, Australian Unity



Choreographer & Dancer

” I Take great pleasure in recommending Mr Emilio Ela Rose, an accomplished Latin American Dancer & Choreographer.

Emilio is exceptional in his passion for dance and this is evident to all who have the privilege to work alongside him. He is knowledgable and passionate in his profession.

His Choreography is innovative with excellent use of the music, patterns and space. He makes it easy for dancers to incorporate the emotional and artistic aspects of dance into their movements. Dsancers respond to Emilio in a positive manner and enthusiastically welcome his expertise, input, and directives. He works for perfection and demands excellence in himself and encourages these traits in his dancers.

Emilio is a pleasure to work with; his dedication, professionalism, great passion, enthusiasm and good nature will make for an enjoyable experience for anyone who employs his services as a choreographer….”
Nella Fitzgerald, executive producer



Dancing Sensation

“To the dynamic duo who made my day ……………You look fabulous……dance with so much energy, I  got too excited. I nearly needed a doctor. Thanks for the memory”

You had a touch of the Gene Kellys dancing in the rain, but with sex and Latin music to take it to another level.”   Jim Verginis



ZUMBA Sensation!

“Thanks again for the Zumba Party!! It was such a good night with wonderful music and great performances. I even managed to do most of the dances with a few modifications to accommodate my leg!…..  Will look forward to the next one! Pass on my congratulations to the crew!”  Luciana



La Trobe ISA

“Thank you for the high quality and engaging performances that EPR Productions offers. The attendants really enjoyed the experience”. Ana  LaTrobe ISA


ZUMBA brilliance!

“Thanks Emilio for the great Zumba classes you have: love the music, love the routines and you just  make doing exercise FUN.  I absolutely  look forward to your classes and hate even missing one.

If you’re a bit of a Zumba fan like me, you MUST try this class, and you’ll keep coming back………for sure!! Thanks again” Lucy


More Testimonials available on Request!