Ice Breaker Entertainment




As patrons enter the room, they feel and hear the colourful sounds of entrancing rhythms, where a story is created by emotionally engaging dancers and performers. A warm and colourful yet eye catching distraction that leaves the patrons entering a captivating world that takes them away from their daily tasks.


Purpose: A colourful and entertaining mind break, a visual and relaxing stimulus to aid in boosting morale, relaxing tension and provides a point of difference to any event or location.

What’s involved: Live or recorded music, dancers and performers, are selected to cater to the desired theme.

Examples: Hotel foyer, conference entrance, roving entertainment.

Duration: Can be adapted to meet your function needs, normally from 10 mins to full days as required.



9am - 5pm




PO Box 211

Fairfield, VIC  3078

T  /  0401 737 748


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